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The Pie Chart
compare, say, the number of home runs hit by the players on different baseball teams, broken out by the
positions they play.
The Pie Chart
The next chart category, Pie , won’t work with our grade data—because pie charts can only capture the
data from one data series at a time. Pie charts treat the data as a single whole, with each data point
contributing one “slice” to the recipe. Thus a purely hypothetical monthly budget that exhibits these
expenses (Figure 5-20):
Figure 5-20. Piece of the pie: One data series—eligible for pie charting
would be eligible for a pie chart, because it consists of merely one series (Figure 5-21):
Figure 5–21. The above data, realized in a pie chart
Now that’s a pretty attractive 4-second chart; but yes, you can add descriptive numbers to the chart
(the actual values or percentages associated with each slice) and other elements, as we’ll see when we
get to chart formatting. (You can’t fashion a pie chart if any of your data points contain a negative
number, by the way; try to imagine how a negative slice could be portrayed.)
Pie charts also offer several “exploded” options; e.g., Figure 5-22:
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