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Save As Template
Save As Template
The Save As Template button enables you to save a customized chart (say, a chart you’ve reformatted
with different colors—stay tuned), so that you can retrieve it whenever you wish:
1. Click on the chart.
2. Click the Save As Template button.
3. Type a name for your customized chart and click Save.
If you’re starting a new chart, you can then retrieve the template:
Select the data that you want to appear in the chart
Click the Insert tab.
In the Charts group, click the Dialog Box Launcher (Figure 5-28):
Figure 5–28. Where to start accessing your templates
You’ll then click the Templates option in the left column of the Insert Chart dialog box, which will
list existing templates (Figure 5-29):
Figure 5–29. Your templates
Click on the template you want, and click OK.
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