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Switch Row/Column
Your data will now populate the chart. Make sure you’ve selected a chart that will work with your data.
If you want an existing chart to utilize the template, click on the chart and click Change Chart Type
(remember—we’re in the Design tab) (Figure 5-30):
Figure 5–30. Where to start applying a template to an existing chart
which will bring you to the same Insert Chart Dialog box—only here it’s titled Change Chart Type . Click
Templates, and choose the one you like (Figure 5-31):
Figure 5–31. Changing your chart to a template
Switch Row/Column
We’ve already discussed the first button in the Data group—the Switch Row/Column button—back in
the “Flipping the Data Series” section. You may recall that this button allows you to change the
appearance of your chart by exchanging data series.
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