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Chart Layouts
Figure 5–33. Ups and downs: where to reposition a chart data series
If I click on Edith, followed by the Legend Entries up arrow, her series will appear as the third in the
chart, even though in the source data she appears fourth (Figure 5-34):
Figure 5–34. Edith: fourth in the table, third in the chart
Chart Layouts
The next group of buttons in the Design tab, Chart Layouts , is pretty self-evident (Figure 5-35):
Figure 5-35. The Chart Layouts button group
Clicking its arrows reveals a selection of layouts tied to the chart you’re working with. (The lowest of the
three arrow buttons reveals all the options at one time) As you’ll see, the options sometimes enable you
to enter a chart title and other elements, such as a data table , which brings your source data to the table
(Figure 5 -36):
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