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The Layout Tab
Note the selection handles atop all the scores for exam 5. Again, I achieved this result by clicking any
one of these columns. Click it a second time, and only that particular data point will be selected. Click
away from it to start over.
Once the object is selected, its name will appear in the Format Selection window. You can also click
the drop-down arrow and then select the object to be formatted there (Figure 5-41):
Figure 5–41. The selected data series
Then click Format Selection, and the Format Data Series dialog box containing formatting options
peculiar to that object appears (Figure 5-42):
Figure 5–42. Formatting options for the selected data series
On the other hand, it’s important to realize that you can access formatting options in several
additional ways:
You can also call up the Format Data Series dialog box by double-clicking the
object you want to format.
You can also right click the object, and select the Format Data Series option -
(Figure 5-43):
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