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Working with Chart Labels
Working with Chart Labels
The Labels button group contains some important and slightly quirky options, and you need to
know a bit about the quirks. The first two labeling options, Chart Title and Axis Titles , place text boxes
on the chart at suggested locations, for example (Figure 5-49):
Figure 5–49. Chart label options
If you choose the Title Option, you can enter title text by selecting the title and typing. Note the text
appears in the Formula bar, where it can be edited. When you complete the title, just press Enter. True,
nothing quirky about that; but look at the Chart title in Figure 5-50 below, because it describes a
common consequence of chart labels: when they’re placed on a sheet, they often grab space from the
chart itself and compress it (Figure 5-50):
Figure 5–50. Pressed for space: A chart label moves in
The distortion can be quite pronounced, particularly if you insert a data table, as we’ll see. As a
result, you may need to resize the chart.
Note also that, while Excel’s drop-down menus offer a series of locations at which you can place
these various labels, you can also reposition them wherever you want on the chart by clicking on the
object to select it (if you haven’t already selected it), clicking anywhere on its border until you see a
foursided arrow, and dragging it to the desired location. And if you want to remove the object instead, just
select it and press Delete. (Note: the More…..Options selection on all the Labels drop-down menus
always takes you to the Format… dialog box for that object).
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