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Working with Chart Labels
Axis titles let you apply identifying labels to either the Vertical and/or the Horizontal Axis (Figure 5-
Figure 5–51. Knowing the score(s): An axis label enters the chart
Note that the Scores label has barged into the chart’s territory, shrinking it a bit.
The Legend option works similarly; it deposits the legend to one of the locations suggested by the
drop-down menu.
The Data Labels option does more than position the label—it supplies information about the
chart’s data, by posting the actual number associated with each data point. For example (Figure 5-52):
Figure 5–52. Garnishing the slices, with information about the data points
Data Labels supplement the chart with the source data used to generate it, adding an instructive
touch to the graphical picture. ( Note : you can initiate the Data Labels command by clicking anywhere on
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