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Working with Chart Labels
the chart, on any object. As a matter of fact, clicking a data point will turn the data labels on only for the
series of which on which you’ve clicked, so you’re actually better off not clicking directly on the data
themselves.) However, data labels can congest the chart if the data points are numerous (Figure 5-53):
Figure 5–53. Information overload: An excess of data labels
You’ll think twice about handing that one to your boss. Remember, though, that you can improve
the scenario by recoloring and/or changing the size of the numbers. Take any of the prescribed routes to
the chart formatting options, and make the appropriate changes. Be advised, though, that you’ll have to
click on each data series and make the changes to each series individually.
The Data Table option, already portrayed in Figure 5-36, presents all the data giving rise to the
chart. It’s a greedy object, however, and by implementing this option you may find yourself looking at
something like this (Figure 5-54):
Figure 5–54. Bet you didn’t know George was two syllables
Needs work, as they say. Widening the chart would do wonders.
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