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Axes to Grind
Figure 5–63. Same data, different Vertical Axis starting point
And that makes the fluctuation in the closing prices look a lot less dramatic. It’s a classic charting
Major Unit enables you to change the numeric interval Excel has selected for the Vertical Axis. In
our test-grade chart, the Excel-chosen interval for the grades is 20—0, 20, 40, 60, etc. Enter a Major Unit
of 10 to our grade data, and you get (Figure 5-64):
Figure 5–64. The grades represented in intervals of 10
Note that the Horizontal Gridlines in the plot area are drawn to this interval. Minor Unit lets the
user choose an additional, smaller axis interval that can supplement the major unit. But gridlines
associated with the minor unit don’t appear on the chart by default, a point that takes us to….
The Gridlines option, which enables you to turn on the minor unit gridlines as well. Note in Figure
5-60 the minor unit on our Dow Jones chart is set by default at 4000. If we work with that interval and
select Gridlines: Major and Minor Gridlines , we’ll see (Figure 5-65):
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