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The Format Tab—Getting Your Objects in Shape
The Format Tab—Getting Your Objects in Shape
This is probably the easiest Chart tab to figure out, the one whose options can be learned easily through
click-this-button experimentation. The Tab offers a medley of ways to color and slightly reshape any
chart object on which you click, with its options keyed to that object. Thus if you click on a chart plot
area, the Shape Styles drop-down menu (when completely revealed) offers this (Figure 5-67):
Figure 5–67. The Shape of styles to come
Click an option and the plot area takes on the selected color and border effect. The Shape Fill and
Shape Outline buttons are really extensions of Shape Styles , serving up more fill color and border
shaping options. The Shape Effects button makes additional shape embellishments available. Thus click
on a chart plot area, and this Shape Effects potpourri appears (Figure 5-68):
Figure 5–68. Special effects: Shape effects options
Clicking any arrow above reveals still more options.
The WordArt Styles group and its associated Text Fill, Text Outline , and Text Effects options can
reformat any selected text—be it in titles, axes, or legends (Figure 5-69):
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