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Interacting with the Interface
Interacting with the Interface
So let’s begin to describe what you’ll see once you actually fire up Excel 2010. Turn on the ignition and
you’ll be brought to a broad expanse of white space, bordered by a sash of buttons, shown in Figure 1–5:
Figure 1–5. The Excel worksheet, featuring the buttons on the Home ribbon
Now, if you’re a somewhat experienced Excel user—or particularly if you’re an experienced user—
you may find the above tableau a bit disconcerting, depending on the version of Excel you’ve been
using to date. That’s because, starting with Excel 2007, the program’s interface underwent a rather
dramatic overhaul, one which called for a measure of unlearning on the part of veteran users in order
for them to get reoriented to the new regime (and, in a real sense then, beginners may be operating at
something of an advantage, since there’s nothing for them to unlearn).
Practiced users of the 2003 and prior releases had to, or will eventually have to, wean themselves
off this familiar command setup, seen in Figure 1–6:
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