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You Win Some, You Lose Some
The Markers button allows you to attach markers to each data point in a line-chart Sparkline (Figure
Figure 5–76. Data points on Sparkline line charts
And the other options in that group— High Point, Low Point, Negative Points, First Point , and Last
Point —attach differently-colored markers to each of those points—the highest value in the chart, any
negative values, the very first point in the Sparkline, etc. The Style drop-down menu allows you to select
an overall Spakline motif, coordinating colors for the line and any data markers.
And if you decide you’d rather see your data in columns, you can select the range containing the
Sparklines and click Column on the Sparklines Tools/ Type button group (Figure 5-77):
Figure 5–77. Sparkline chart type options
And boom—there’s your data in columns.
You Win Some, You Lose Some
As the above screen shot attests, you only have three Sparkline chart types to choose from, but in spite of
that modest lineup, the third—Win/Loss—is one that isn’t directly available in the larger conventional
Excel chart roster. The Win/Loss chart is oddly binary—it places a bar above its Horizontal Axis for any
positive number in a cell, and installs a bar below the axis for any negative one. To demonstrate: Say you
begin with this range of numbers (Figure 5-78):
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