Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Interacting with the Interface
Figure 1–6. The older Excel menu bar/toolbar interface
This now-venerable interface started users off with a row of commands on top (the menu bar) and
two tiers of buttons tucked immediately beneath them, called the Standard and Formatting toolbars
respectively. As many of you know, clicking any of the named commands on the menu bar unfurled a
dr op-down menu that spor ted a column of additional commands, e.g., Figur e 1– 7:
Figure 1–7. A traditional Excel drop-down menu
And the toolbar buttons? Nuances aside, they basically supplied an alternative means for
accessing the same commands inlaid in those drop-down menus. For example, in order to begin the
process of opening a file you could have clicked File Open on the Menu bar, with the Open command
appearing on the resulting drop-down menu. Or, you could have clicked the Open button instead on
the first strip of toolbar buttons, as shown in Figure 1–8:
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