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Sorting by More than One Field
Figure 6–6. Note the two Ed Jones entries.
The duplicate data are clear—but I hear some murmuring in the back rows. The eagle-eyed among
you are whispering about the fact that, since all the data—including the headings—are text in nature,
when we go ahead and sort even the header row should be sorted. Very good—it’s all true. So in order to
obviate that problem, let’s move to the next section.
Sorting by More than One Field
To sort by more than one field, click anywhere in the database, and click either the Sort button in the
Data tab, or, in the Home tab, the Sort & Filter button’s down arrow, followed by Custom Sort… (rather
inconsistent, isn’t it). Either way, you’ll be brought to this dialog box (Figure 6–7):
Figure 6–7. The Sort dialog box: Where to sort by multiple columns
Note the check box in the upper right of the dialog box: My data has headers . By checking that box,
you’ll be instructing Excel not to sort the first, or header, row. Then, because we want to sort initially by
Last Name, click the Sort By drop-down arrow and select Last Name (Figure 6–8):
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