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Sorting by More than One Field
But remember that the database contains two students named Ed Jones, and so we want to sort by
still a third field (and that’s all we have here), in this case, by Major (Figure 6–12):
Figure 6–12. …and now by three
Now that we’ve selected our sort fields, click OK. Here’s what happens (Figure 6–13):
Figure 6–13. Keeping up with Joneses: Note the sort order
Note the two Ed Joneses—sorted together, but with the Poli. Sci. major positioned above Soc.—P
sorted before S. Well done.
There are a few additional Sort dialog box buttons that need to be explained. Delete Level simply
allows you to remove a sort field if you have second thoughts about needing it. Just click the field, select
Delete Level, and it’s gone. Copy Level ? Click on a field you’ve already selected to be sorted, click Copy
Level, and that same field appears a second time in the dialog box (Figure 6–14):
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