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The AutoFilter: Picking and Choosing Your Data
Figure 6–15. The Sort & Filter button group
The data look like this (Figure 6–16):
Figure 6–16. Filters in place
You’ll note the handles attaching to the field names (and note AutoFilter assumes the first row is a
header). Now let’s say I want to pull Dorothy’s test results from the data; and while you could object that
Dorothy’s results are already perfectly visible as is, consider that
Your list may be hundreds of students long, and Dorothy’s name may not be
quite so evident.
Depending on the kind of records you’re keeping, Dorothy’s name could
appear more than once, and in various places down the column, and
You may want to print only Dorothy’s data, and hence, need to see only her
information onscreen (Figure 6–16).
Figure 6–17. Filtered data—you may need to see Dorothy’s data alone
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