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Playing—or Plying—the Numbers
Playing—or Plying—the Numbers
Numerical data, on the other hand, can be subjected to a range of filtering criteria, all of which are pretty
easy to figure out. If I click the down arrow by exam number 2 (if you don’t actually see the exam
number names, by the way, it’s because the filter handles are obscuring the single digits. Just center the
exam names, and they’ll return to view), I’ll see (Figure 6–22):
Figure 6–23. Filtering numeric data
Note that the numbers in the drop-down result are sorted in ascending order, making it easier for
you to select a particular test score. (The names in the previous example were also sorted in that
dropdown, but because the names were already sorted in the original database, you may not have noticed.)
If, however, I want to see all the exam results for that exam 2 that exceed 75, I can:
Click Number Filters is greater than (Figure 6–23):
Figure 6–24. Looking for all scores above 75
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