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The Advanced Filter—Setting Your Data Aside
Figure 6–28. Not Dean’s List Material: A criterion for filtering grades below 65 on exam 4
where 4 represents that exam’s field name.
Note, without getting too carried away, that you can specify two criteria to be met at the same time.
If I had supplemented the expression above in Figure 6–27 with these entries in O9:O10 (Figure 6–28):
Figure 6–29. Two advanced filter criteria operating at the same time
I’d be searching for all students who scored below 65 in both exams 4 and 5. But we’re sticking with
our initial criterion—those students with test averages equal to or greater than 85.
Next, we need to mark out a range on the worksheet to which our filtered results will be copied ,
because we want these results to occupy a place on the worksheet that is independent of the original
gradebook data in C9:I20; so in cells K9:L9 we’ll enter (Figure 6–29):
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