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Creating a Table
Figure 6–33. Heads up: Note the row numbers
Perhaps most importantly, it enables you to install a Total row, which
automatically won’t be sorted.
Creating a Table
Remaking the database into a table is simple: continuing with our gradebook data, click anywhere in the
data, click the Insert tab, and click the Table button in the Tables button group (or its keyboard
equivalent, Ctrl-T). You’ll see something like this (Figure 6–33):
Figure 6–34. A table range, automatically identified. You can change its coordinates here, though.
Note that the dialog box assumes your table-to-be has a header row; but the box has also made a
more subtle decision. In fact, our gradebook data spans C9: I20 , but as we see above, Excel has pulled up
one row short, bounding the range at row . That’s because row 20 contains formulas and Excel wants 19
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