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Examining the other Table Style Options
Examining the other Table Style Options
As for the other Table Style Options:
When unchecked, Header Row actually deletes the header row, and doesn’t
redefine it as just another row of data.
Banded Rows and Banded Columns color rows and/or columns with alternating
colors, to heighten the clarity of the table data (Figure 6–39):
Figure 6–40. Banded rows—alternating row colors
Note that the banding motifs appear by default in many, but not all, Table Styles—and it is only
when you select one of these that you can turn Banded Rows and Banded Columns on and off. Note as
well that you can’t conduct a Sort By Color with banded colors; that option only works with colors you
actively select via a Conditional Format, or fill colors of your choosing.
The First Column and Last Column options allow you to color those columns
differently from the other table columns, should you need to emphasize these
(Figure 6–40):
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