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Figure 1–10. The Font button group
Users need to keep this basic understanding in mind: tabs contain groups.
Note that some group buttons are embellished with a small, downward-pointing arrow, but others
are not. Click those arrows and you’ll be brought to another set of related command options—ones
associated with the original button. For example, click the down arrow attached to the Sort command
and you‘ll see Figure 1–11:
Figure 1–11. The Sort command drop-down menu
This list presents you with a set of options for sorting columns of data. These arrow-driven
commands are perhaps the closest thing you’ll see to drop-down menus in release 2010.
Click a button with no arrow alongside it, on the other hand, and its action is often carried out on
the spreadsheet immediately. Alternatively, click an arrowless button and you’ll be presented with a
dialog box r equir ing additional user action—but without the kind of sub-menu shown in Figur e 1– 11.
Click the B button you see above in the Font group, for example—there’s no arrow there—and any data
you’ve selected on the spreadsheet acquires a boldfaced appearance right away, with no additional
options from which to choose. Note as well that if you simply roll the mouse over any command on the
r i bbon , a smal l but he l pful de scr i pti on of what that comman d doe s, cal l e d a tooltip , materializes.
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