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Examining the other Table Style Options
Figure 6–41. Recoloring key data columns
Because our gradebook database has special information in those very columns—the student
names and averages, respectively—you might then want to apply these options here. But note again that
not every Table Style will let you use them.
If you turn left on the Table Tools ribbon, you’ll wind up by the Resize Table command in the
Properties button group (Figure 6–41):
Figure 6–42. Property management: The Table Properties button group
It’s a rather curious command, enabling you to exclude rows from the table without deleting them.
Instead, Resize Table places the unwanted rows on the other side of the Total Row, keeping them around
even as they’re no longer subject to table commands. Let’s give it try.
Click anywhere in the gradebook data (the current formatting doesn’t matter).
Click Resize Table. You’ll see (Figure 6–42):
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