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Examining the other Table Style Options
Figure 6–43. Try this out for size
For the sake of the illustration, change the row reference 20 to 17.
Click OK. You should see (Figure 6–43):
Figure 6–44. Odd men out: Excluding two students via the resize table option
We see that Paul and Ringo have been tabled, so to speak—they’re on the outside looking in, having
been banished from the table, but not from the worksheet; and any mathematical activity in the Total
row is recalculated to reflect the new table range. If however you click Resize Table again and enter the
original table range of $C$9:$I$20, Paul and Ringo will return to their original positions and be
incorporated back into the table. You may want to use Resize Table if you need to work with a subset of
the original data, say, records with dates after January 1, 2010 (you’ll have to sort the records by date
first, though, so that the older ones appear at the bottom of the table and can be readily excluded by
Resize Table).
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