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At the Risk of Repeating Yourself: The Remove Duplicates Option
Note also the Table Name: field in the Properties button group. It displays a default name for the table, which
you change by typing a different one and then simply clicking elsewhere.
At the Risk of Repeating Yourself: The Remove Duplicates
One classic data entry bugaboo is the risk of entering the same name twice. Working with long, multiple
lists of names—some of which you may have inherited from other sources—could well result in name
duplication, and while you may know that the three John Does in your database are the same person,
Excel won’t.
Hence the Remove Duplicates table option in the Tools button group. It’s a good one to know,
provided you know exactly how it works. Note in addition that this feature also works on a range of data
that has not been submitted to the Insert Table command. For non-table ranges you can click:
Data Ribbon Remove Duplicates, on the Data Tools button.
The command searches for identical values or text in a particular table field or fields and if it finds
any, deletes all rows containing that value— except for the first instance of that value, which it leaves in
place . Thus if your table has data such as these (Figure 6–44):
Figure 6–45. Not-quite-duplicate names
and you launch a Remove Duplicates search of the Last Name field, the row containing Grace Jones’
record will be deleted—and that not may be what you had in mind, because Grace Jones is obviously not
a mere duplicate of Ed Jones. She’s a different person. What you’d presumably want to do then, is
eliminate all duplicates of Ed Jones— and if that’s your objective, you’d need to search for duplicates in
both the Last and First Name fields at the same time. So let’s go with this example, and this simple
collection of names, which contains an obvious duplicate record. In cells L14:N20, type these data, and
execute the Insert Table command (Figure 6–45). The format you choose doesn’t matter:
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