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Adding Data Entry Rules
Figure 6–54. Menu venue: Where the drop-down list is constructed
1. In the Source field type or drag this range: P19:P23, the range containing the salesperson
names to populate the drop-down menu.
2. Click OK.
Click on cell A1 and a drop-down arrow appears. Click it and you’ll see (Figure 6–54):
Figure 6–55. There’s your list
Just click any name and it’ll enter the cell. This, too, is an instance of Data Validation—because it
serves as a means for restricting the data entry to the names in the drop-down. Try typing any other
name in A1:A20, and you’ll encounter the same error message we saw earlier. Note : you can also enter
the salesperson names directly in the Source Field, each name separated by a comma. In this way, too,
the names will populate the drop-down menu. The Ignore Blank option, the source of considerable
confusion on Internet group posts, here means: if you’ve entered a Source range by its range name if it (
has one), and some of the cells in that range are blank, leaving Ignore blank on means you’ll still be able
to enter data that isn’t in the Source range list. Turning Ignore blank off here will obstruct any data not
listed in the Source range. Thus if your list looks like this (Figure 6—55):
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