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Adding Data Entry Rules
Figure 6–56. Blank look: A list with empty, blank rows
the resulting drop-down list will display that blank space, and you won’t be able to enter names other
than the ones you see in the list. Leave Ignore blank on, and you will be able to. It’s a rather strange
The Custom option allows you to establish a data entry rule based on a formula For example, if .
you’re grading an exam for which you’ve established a highest possible grade of 50, and you want to
prevent yourself from absent-mindedly entering higher scores in student records, you can:
Enter the 50 in a cell, say A6.
Then, assuming you’re entering the grades in cells B5:B20, select that range,
making sure the range remains selected.
Then click Data Validation Data Validation Settings Custom.
Make sure the current cell in the selected range is B5 (by way of review, that’s
the cell in white).
Type =B5=A$6 in the Formula field (Figure 6–56):
Figure 6–57. Customizing a data validation rule
Click OK.
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