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color all cells red whose values exceed 60). To turn the error indicators off, select the range in question,
and click Data Validation Clear Validation Circles .
Finally, if you want to turn any Data Validation rule off:
Select the range in question.
Click Data Data Validation Click any tab, and click Clear All .
Click OK. (Figure 6–62)
Figure 6–63. A real turn-off: Clearing Data Validation rules
All refers to any and all rules you may have introduced to that range, not the entire worksheet.
In Conclusion…
Data is a hopelessly broad term, but working with data organized in adjacent rows and columns is
central to the spreadsheet enterprise, if that isn’t too high-sounding. Knowing how to sort records and
pull out—and even eliminate—records from the data on the basis of this or that criterion are
attainments you’ll want to be able to list in your Excel skill set, and don’t assume these skills are
universally shared.
Tables turn your databases into easy-to-sort-and-filter batches of records, and while they’re not the
last word on the subject (as we’ll see), they do very useful work—and speedily.
Data validation options go a long way towards insuring your data’s integrity, including nifty data
entry drop-down menus and the like.
Good things to know—and there’s more to come.
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