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Inserting a Row
The new column will slide into place, and will claim the column letter I. The original column I will
move to the right, and become J, and so on. If you want to insert multiple columns, just drag across as
many consecutive columns as you wish and execute the above conmands. You’ll insert as many
columns as you’ve selected—and they’ll appear to the right of the selection. Thus if you select cells
R3:S3 an d cl i ck In se r t She e t Col umn s, R an d S wi l l be come T an d U—be cause e ach wi l l hav e mov e d
two columns rightward.
Inserting a Row
The procedure for inserting rows is basically identical. Click in the row beneath which you want to
insert a new one and click the above commands, culminating with Insert Sheet Rows instead. Thus if
you click in row 17, you’ll insert a new row above the original 17— which becomes the “new” row 17,
whilst the original row 17 is now bumped to 18. To insert multiple rows select as many rows as you
wish to insert.
Deleting Rows and Columns
To delete rows or columns, click anywhere in the column or columns you wish to delete and click
Home Cells button group Delete Delete Sheet Rows or Columns . (Yes, you can Undo these
commands). Just keep in mind that if you delete the cells whose data contribute to a formula, that
formula will suddenly have nothing to work with—and instead of a result, you’ll be left with an error
message in the cell instead.
Inserting and Deleting Cells
You can also insert and delete selected cells, not just entire rows and columns, a possibility which is
curiously piecemeal. If you click in cell A12 and carry out the Insert Cells command, you’ll push A12
down a r ow– but y ou won’t push down row 12 in its entirety . Only the A column will be affected by the
command. Any data in cell B12 will remain there, for example.
To insert or delete cells, click in the cell or cells in question and click either the Insert or Delete
buttons we described in the previous to command sequences, but click Insert Cells… or Delete Cells…
instead. Click Insert Cells and you’ll see (Figure 7–2):
Figure 7–2. Where to insert selected cells
Click OK. If you select Shift cells right, all the cells to the right of the cell(s) in which you click will
move in that direction—but not the cells to their left. The other two options you see— Entire row and
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