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Entire column —are nothing but alternatives to the Insert Row and Columns commands we’ve already
de scr i be d.
To delete selected cells, click in the cells you wish to delete and click Delete Cells… in the Cells
button group (Figure7–3).
Figure 7–3. Going in reverse: where to delete selected cells.
Note here that deleted cells move the remaining cells that are to their right to the left , and cells
be n e ath the m wi l l be shi fte d up.
Hiding Rows and Columns—and Getting them Back
You can also hide rows and columns—not so much in order to maintain the secrecy of your data, but to
i mpr ov e the a ppe a r a n ce of a spr e a dshe e t; pe r ha ps col umn s wi th compl e x for mul a s don ’ t n e e d to be
seen—but if you do hide them, all the data posted there remain active, and any cell references to them
remain in force, too.
To start hiding, click on any cell or cells in a column or row you wish to hide and click Home
Cells button group Format Hide & Unhide Hide Rows or Hide Columns (Figure 7–4):
Figure 7–4. Outta sight: where to start hiding rows or columns
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