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Inserting a New Worksheet
Inserting a New Worksheet
Inserting a new worksheet is most easy, too. Just:
Right-click the sheet to the right of which you want to insert the sheet. You’ll see
again (Figure 7–6):
Figure 7–6. One way in which to insert a new worksheet
Click Insert… In the Insert dialog box. The new worksheet will be selected by .
de faul t.
Click OK. The new sheet appears, bearing the default name Sheet4, if it’s the first new sheet you’ve
inserted. And there’s a still easier way to insert a new sheet. Click the Insert Worksheet button to the
immediate right of the worksheet tabs (Figure 7–7):
Figure 7–7. And here’s another
Note the keyboard equivalent, too—Shift-F11. Clicking Insert Worksheet inserts a new sheet to the
immediate right of the last sheet. It’s the swiftest way to introduce a new sheet, but because it
automatically installs the sheet at the end of the worksheet queue, you may decide you want to
reposition the new sheet somewhere else.
Deleting an existing sheet entails right-clicking a sheet tab, then clicking Delete, and if it’s empty,
the sheet simply disappears. If the sheet contains data, this message materializes on screen (Figure 7–8):
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