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Busting a (Sheet) Move
Figure 7–8. In case you need to rethink a worksheet deletion
Note that prompt. The word “permanently” means that if you click Delete, the sheet (and not just
its data, in spite of what the prompt states) will not be retrievable via the Undo command. As a result, if
you’ve accidently deleted a sheet you still need, you may have to resort to the classic close-the-file-
without-saving-it technique. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
Busting a (Sheet) Move
To continue our medley of right-click options: If you want to move or copy a sheet, either within the
existing workbook or to another open workbook, or sheets (we’ll soon see how to select multiple
sheets), right-click the relevant sheet tab, and select Move or Copy… .You’ll see this dialog box (Figure
Figure 7–9. Peripatetic worksheet: Where to move or copy a worksheet to another book.
As you see, you’ll need to click on the name of the sheet before which you want the sheet to be
moved. Note here that, by default, the To book: field names the workbook in which the sheet is
currently positioned. If you want to move or copy the sheet to a different book, click the down arrow by
“To book” to view the names of other open workbooks. Alternatively, you can click (move to end) ,
whereupon the sheet will be resituated at the end of the sheet collection, no matter how many sheets
you currently have on hand in the workbook. Then click OK.
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