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The Watch Window—Spying On Your Own Data
Then click Add Watch… . You’ll see something like this (Figure 7–14):
Figure 7–14. Watch this
I say “something like this,” because the cell reference you actually see right now depends on the
last cell you clicked on Sheet2, because that’s where we are right now. But we want to track the current
value of the formula in E17 on Sheet1, so just click that cell, and that reference should appear in the
Add Watch di al og box. (Note : T he di al og box asks y ou to cl i ck the ce l l s y ou wi sh to watch, sug g e sti n g y ou
could select a range. If you do, each cell in the range appears in the Watch Window, along with its
value.) Then Click Add . You should see (Figure 7–15):
Figure 7–15. The current result for cell E17 in Book3, Sheet1
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