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Unlocking Cells
Figure 7–20. Don’t be boggled by the toggle: The Lock Cell option
The problem with Lock Cell is that when you click it, it designates any cells you’ve selected to be
unlocked if you go ahead and protect the worksheet. Don’t ask questions—it’s a toggle, an alternately
on-off click result.
And what about that Hidden option offered up in the Format Cells Protection tab we see in
Figure 7–18? Clicking it sees to it that any formulas posted in the selected cells will be hidden when
you click in those cells. That is, click on one of these formula-bearing cells (once you’ve turned
protection on) and you’ll see nothing in the formula bar, and you’ll see nothing when you tap the F2
editing key either. The formula result remains visible in the cell, however.
You also doubtless noted the password option featured in the Protect Sheet dialog box (Figure 7–21):
Figure 7–21. The password protection option
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