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Comparing the Data
Figure 8–16. No mean feat: Changing the mathematical operation of a field to Average
The salesperson data now display average sales by salesperson. Click the Summarize Values By
drop-down arrow and you’ll see that you can also carry out these operations: Count, Max, Min, and
Product (which in our case would multiply each salesperson’s sales all together, yielding a rather
gigantic total). Clicking More Options gives a few additional possibilities, including Standard
Deviation . (By the way, we’ll get to how to format these data in a little while.)
Comparing the Data
And here’s another cool way to characterize your data. By clicking anywhere in the pivot report and
then clicking PivotTable Tools Options tab Calculations group the Show Values As drop-down
arrow, you’ll see (Figure 8–17):
Figure 8–17. The Show Values As drop-down menu: more ways to compare the numbers
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