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Changing Field Settings
Figure 8–25. Salesperson and Country, having reversed positions
We’ve literally reversed our fields. The two Row Label fields have changed places; now it’s
Salesperson that has been “promoted” to super category status, while Country now occupies the
subordinate, or subcategory, niche. And given this new arrangement, we can see that had the
salespersons transacted sales in both countries, UK and USA would have appeared alongside each
salesperson name in the subordinate area. (Note: Remember that in addition to clicking Move Up, y ou
coul d hav e al so cl i cke d on the Sal e spe r son button an d dragged it gently atop Country.)
Changing Field Settings
Now for another point. The screen shot in Figure 8–25 displays subtotals for each salesperson (e.g.,
Buchanan Total, Callahan Total)—those are put in place because had each salesperson done business
in both the UK and USA, the two coun tr y total s woul d hav e be e n r e por te d an d adde d for e ach
salesperson, and those combined totals—UK sales + USA sales—would have told us something new
about their sales activity. But because here each salesperson has confined her sales beat to one country
each, their subtotals are identical to the individual details of their sales. Thus Buchanan’s UK total of
69359.25 is precisely the same as the value in his “Total” row, because there’s nothing else to add—
there’s only one country’s worth of data. As a result, the “Total” rows are redundant; and so if you want
to remove them, right-click on any entry in the Salesperson Row Label area (but not UK or USA), and
cl i ck Field Settings on the shortcut menu. You’ll see (Figure 8–26):
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