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Pivoting the Table
Pivoting the Table
The Figure 8–27 screen shot tells us still something else about the way data are presented in a pivot
report. Earlier, I stated—with some fanfare (in the form of a bullet point, which is about as much
fanfare as I can muster here, unless this topic can be sound enabled)—that data entered in the Row or
Column areas are listed uniquely —one time each. Yet in 8–27 we see the words UK and USA any
number of times—and they’re all deposited in the Row Labels area. Mea culpa—but I did say at the
time that I’d need to modify my dictum. And here we see why. Data entered in the first, or super
category level in the Row and/or Column Labels areas can indeed appear only once each—but data in ,
the subcategory tier can appear multiple times—but only once for each entry in the super category.
T hus USA a n d UK ca n on l y a ppe a r on ce for e a ch sa l e spe r son—a n d, be ca use the y occupy the supe r
ca te g or y i n the a bov e shot, e a ch sa l e spe r son ca n on l y a ppe a r on ce . If tha t i sn ’ t cl e a r , a bi t of pr a cti ce
pivot tabling will drive the point home.
Now let’s pivot the table.
Click the arrow on the Country button in the lower half of the PivotTable Field
Click Move to Column Labels . You’ll see (Figure 8–28):
Figure 8–28. Geography lesson—the countries move into the Columns Labels area
Got that? By moving the Country field to the Column Labels area, we’ve orchestrated that
crosstab/matrix look—with the sales data occupying the intersections of Salesperson and Country. And
unlike the previous pivot report, in which the Country data appears as a subcategory for each
salesperson, here the two Countries are listed only once —as a super category. Remember, though—it’s
all the same exact data.
Counting Totals
Now let’s remove both the Country and Order Amount fields from the pivot report, leaving us with
Salesperson in the Row Label area (Figure 8–29):
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