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Using the Same Field Twice
name—broken out by the names themselves, as displayed in the Row Labels area. That is, we’re asking
the report to count the number of times Buchanan appears, and then we’re tying that count to
Buchanan’s entry in Row Labels, and so on for all the salespersons. Every time the name Buchanan
appears in the source data, after all, it means Buchanan has rolled up one more sale, and so if you need
to know how many sales Buchanan or any other salesperson has compiled, why not count the number
of times his or her name shows up in the source data?
Using the Same Field Twice
And as to the first question, that is, how can we deploy the same field twice in a pivot report? The
answer, very simply, is: you can. You can situate a field in either the Row or Column Labels areas, as
well as in the Values area at the same time.
And from all this pivot strategizing we’ve learned two important new things: you can
Use the same field twice in a pivot report, and
You can ship text data to the values area, where it will be counted .
And here’s a last point in this regard. You can also place the same data field in the Values area
twice, selecting two different mathematical operations for it. Thus if you’ve designed this basic pivot
report (Figure 8–31):
Figure 8–31. We’ve seen this report before, but…
where the Order Amount field is summed in the Values area, you can drag that field from the
PivotTable Field List into the Values area a second time, yielding this, for starters (Figure 8–32):
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