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Filters Again-PivotTable Style
Figure 8–32. Here we’ve added the same field twice—to the Values area. To be explained—soon!!
That does look rather scary, not to mention redundant; but click any cell containing Sum of Order
Amount 2 PivotTable Tools Options tab Summarize Values By Average —and you’ll see this
(Figure 8–33):
Figure 8–33. That same field, but now subject to two different mathmatical operations
A little more intelligible, no? Notice the new Values col umn , be ca use the pi v ot r e por t n e e ds to
di ffe r e n ti ate be twe e n what ar e n ow two se t of data v al ue s; an d Or de r Amoun t i s n ow both adde d an d
And if you think Average of Order Amount2 is a less-than-scintillating title, all you need do is
click on that title, and edit it right there in the cell (or in the Formula Bar). Type a different title, and
just press Enter.
Filters Again-PivotTable Style
As we’ve wended our way across the pivot report landscape you’ve doubtless noticed those drop-down
arrow handles sidling the various label headings in the reports. They should look familiar, too, because
they bear a not-so-coincidental similarity to the AutoFilter handles we explored in Chapter 6—and
basically, that’s what they are. And they’re just about as easy to use.
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