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Filters Again-PivotTable Style
Figure 8–36. Filter customizing options
T hus had I cl i cke d Begins With… I coul d hav e e n te r e d the K i n the r e sul ti n g di al og box, an d al l the
salespersons whose name starts with that letter would be filtered. And if you’re wondering what
Greater Than and similar criteria here mean—because we are working with text —if I enter the letter K
in the Greater Than dialog box, Excel will search for all names with a letter starting after K, or K plus
additional letters. Thus here I’d get King (because King has letters in addition to K), Peacock, and
Note as well that the above menu also offers sort options very similar to those available in the
AutoFilter drop-down, with one exception—the Manual sort option. Click More Sort Options Manual
(Figure 8–37):
Figure 8–37. Sort options
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