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The Report Filter—Getting on Top of the PivotTable
The Report Filter—Getting on Top of the PivotTable
Now there’s still another filtering option we’ve yet to explore, one I’ve studiously omitted until
now—the Report Filter area. In reality, this area represents a variation on the filtering themes we’ve
already discussed.
As we’ve seen, when you’re working with several different fields at the same, the fields could be
arrayed in several different ways. Thus if we want to compose a pivot report in which sales activity is
broken out both by the salesperson and the country in which he does business, we could generate this
report (Figure 8–40):
Figure 8–40. Country sales, by salespersons
Or, by exchanging the order of Salesperson and Country, this (Figure 8–41):
Figure 8–41. Salespersons, by country
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