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The Report Filter—Getting on Top of the PivotTable
That’s not bad, but the recurring UKs and USAs are a touch untidy; and there’s a neater approach.
Drag Country into the Report Filter area. You’ll see (Figure 8–42):
Figure 8–42. Putting the Report Filter in place
Then click the filter handle by Country and click USA. You’ll see (Figure 8–43):
Figure 8–43. Yankee imperialism: The Report filter applied to USA sales data
Installing a field into the Report Filter area doesn’t really introduce any new information into the
report. What it does is offer a different, sparer look to the data. Here USA appears but once, hovering
above the data, and impacting it unobtrusively. And by clicking the filter handle up there you can
naturally select UK instead. (You’ll also have to remove the check mark by USA).
You can also move two or more fields into the Report Filter area. If you drag the OrderID field
there, say below Country (Figure 8–44):
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