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The Report Filter—Getting on Top of the PivotTable
Figure 8–44. Report Filtering by two fields
You’ l l wi n d up wi th thi s (Fi g ur e 8– 45):
Figure 8–45. This double Report Filter can be tweaked to bring about this result…
As a result, you’ll be able to conduct a double filter, by selecting a particular order ID as well as a
coun tr y (Fi g ur e 8– 46):
Figure 8–46. …where the data are showing all UK sales with the selected OrderID
It’s true that these little tweaks need to be thought through. The primary question you need to ask
as you proceed is, of course: What information do I need to see in the pivot report? In the above case,
because all the OrderIDs are unique, the Country filter doesn’t really do any more filtering, or
narrowing down, of the data. There’s only one Order ID 10255, irrespective of country. But if for some
reason the Order IDs on USA sales were sometimes duplicated by UK Order IDs, you would be well
advised to apply both Country and OrderID filters in order to sift the data more precisely. In this way
y ou’ d be abl e to fi l te r only the UK Order ID 10255, and exclude Order ID 10255 from the USA.
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