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The Slicer—Filter Deluxe
The Slicer—Filter Deluxe
The answer to that question arrived with the release of Excel 2010—with the brand-new Slicer . T he
Slicer is a utility that allows you to filter any field in your source data, whether it is—or isn’t—currently
populating the pivot report. And it lets you see the data you’ve actually selected for the filter.
By way of a first Slicer illustration, here’s how Order Amounts as filtered by Salespersons
Cal l ahan an d Dodswor th woul d, or coul d, l ook (Fi g ur e 8– 49):
Figure 8–49. Now it can be told: here they are—courtesy of the Slicer
Here the Slicer clearly enumerates the salespersons who’ve contributed to the current order
amount, as detailed in the pivot report. I can click on any salesperson I see listed above, and her sales
activity will be added to the existing total. (Note: if you hold down the Ctrl key you can select multiple
names as you click. And if you’ve already selected some, or even one, salesperson name, simply
clicking on another name without Ctrl turns off the existing selections.)
But note—even if I remove the Salesperson field from the Report Filter area, the Slicer continues to
do its filtering work (Figure 8–50):
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