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The Slicer—Filter Deluxe
Figure 8–51. Choose your Slicers here
Then just click the fields you want sliced, so to speak. Their Slicers appear on screen. Once you’ve
requisitioned them, just click on the names, order numbers, etc., for which you want to see the pivot
report results. (You do have to have some data in the Values area in order for the Slicers to work.
Remember that Slicers are really filters, and they need some data to filter.)
You can move Slicers onscreen by grabbing onto a blank area of the Slicer. Maneuver your mouse
across the Slicer until you see a four-sided arrow; then click and drag the Slicer to a new location. You
can also resize Slicers by resting your mouse atop one of the dotted sections on any Slicer border,
producing a double-sided arrow, and dragging the border in the desired direction.
To remove a Slicer, right-click atop its surface, and click Remove [field name].
You can modify the color scheme of any Slicer by clicking the Slicer Tools tab (this appears when
you click on any Slicer) Options Slicer Styles . You’ll see a collection of formats from which to
choose (Figure 8–52):
Figure 8–52. A Slicer looks nicer in color
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