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Grouping the Data
That’s just an excerpt, of course; there are many more records in the report. Thus we see that each
sale is broken out by its date—with the pr oviso that should two or more sales have been conducted on
the same date , the i r data woul d be ag g r e g ate d or adde d together —because again, entries in the Row
Label area appear uniquely.
Now click anywhere in the Order Date data. Then click PivotTable Tools
Options tab Group Selection in the Group button group. You’ll call up this
di a l og box (Fi g ur e 8– 54):
Figure 8–54. Here’s where you select time-based grouping interval
Note the var ious gr ouping options, which obviously apply to date data. We’ ll
leave the default Months selection in place and click OK. You’ll see (Figure
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