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Pivot Charts
Figure 8–66. Filtering a pivot chart
Click any salesperson name and his/her column bar will vanish from the chart but it will
likewise vanish from the pivot report that gave rise to the chart. That is, the chart impacts the pivot
report, so that, for example, if I check Callahan’s name off the chart, Callahan will be missing as well
on the pivot report.
As for the other button, in our case entitled Sum of Order Amount , right-clicking it will call up
another standard shortcut menu (Figure 8–67):
Figure 8–67. Where to modify the vertical chart axis
Right-clicking it will, among other options, allow you to change the mathematical operation that
gives rise to the chart results—to salesperson average sale, for example. Again, just click Value Field
Settings to set that process in motion. But bear in mind again that any such change will also cha n g e the
pivot report results in the same way.
If you find these two buttons obtrusive, you can turn them off by right-clicking either one and
selecting Hide All Field Buttons On Chart . To return these to the chart, click the PivotChart Tools tab
that appears whenever you click on the chart, and then click the Analyze tab Field Buttons in the
Show/Hide button group Hide All , which should currently be clicked.
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