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Pivot Charts
Another note: it’s easy to overlook this, but when you click in the pivot chart (and only when you
do), the button area in the lower half of the PivotTable Field List changes to this (Figure 8–68):
Figure 8–68. Note the Row and Column Lables areas are temporarily renamed when you work with a pivot
Note the Row Labels area is renamed Axis Fields (Categories), and the Columns Labels area is
dubbe d Legend Fields (Series). That may be a bit puzzling, but Axis Fields really denotes the X, or
horizontal axis—in our case displaying the salesperson names, which are positioned in the Row Labels
area in the pivot report. Legend Fields refers to multiple data series . Say we redesigned our pivot
report to look like this (Figure 8–69):
Figure 8–69. Redesign the PivotTable and you redesign the chart
where Salesperson has been installed in the Columns Labels area; the pivot chart would look like this
(Figure 8–70):
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