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Pivot Charts
Figure 8–70. Here the Salesepesons appear in the legend
Here the chart legend lists the salespersons, each one now a data series; and as a result the
Salesperson button will appear in Legend Fields (Series). (If you can’t see all the text in this button
area, you can click on and drag the left edge of the PivotTable Field List pane.)
Now for the second pivot chart approach. Here you initiate the process by clicking anywhere in the
source data and then Insert tab the PivotTable down arrow Pivot Chart OK (we ’ r e a cce pti n g the
defaults in the dialog box here). You’ll see (Figure 8–71):
Figure 8–71. Another way to start charting
(Note: the PivotTable8 legend in the PivotTable grid in the upper left of screen shot merely refers
to the number of PivotTables I’ve constructed on the workbook).
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