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Getting It On Paper— Printing in Excel 2010
sales data for that year. Let’s say we want to print the entire sheet, at least for starters. To start
printing (after you’d made sure you’re duly connected to a printer, and that it’s turned on), you can
click the File tab Print , or click the primeval keyboard equivalent, Ctrl-P. You’ll see (Figure 9-1):
Figure 9–1. The Excel 2010 Print Preview—part of what’s called the Backstage View in 2010
Note first of all the Print Preview occupying the right half of the screen. The desired print range is
captured, and all the default settings remain in place at the outset. To review the settings:
The Copies option is pretty self-evident. If you need to print multiple copies, just
type the copy total or click up the spin control arrow.
Printer designates the printer that will output the copies. Because you may have
access to more than one printer, you may have to click this option’s drop-down
arrow and select the appropriate device. Among the "devices” you may see a
Print to PDF opti on —n ot r e al l y a bi t of har dwar e but the wi de l y- use d docume n t
format , thr oug h whi ch an Exce l wor kbook can be r e ad by use r s who don ’ t hav e
Excel. By selecting this option you’ll “print” a PDF file to your computer. And if
you need to identify your printer for the first time, the Printer command’s Add
Printer… options lets you start that process.)
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