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Figure 9–17. Where to relocate the header and footer inside the existing margins
Remember that the values you choose here enable you to reposition the header and/or footer relative
to the physical edges of the page, and is independent of any Top/Bottom margin cha n g e s. T hus
ratcheting the Top margin up to 3 won’t automatically push the Header distance down along with it.
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Time for another classic, and related, print problem: you want to print a lengthy table, which is as
usual toppe d by a he ade r r ow (n ot the he ade r s we ’ v e j ust di scusse d, but r athe r , the fi r st r ow of the tabl e ).
Once the printout reaches page two, the header row is nowhere to be seen. Because it’s the very first row
in the table, the header row is naturally going to make its appearance on page one—and only pa g e on e .
But you want all the pages to show the header row on top, so that a viewer of the printout can always
cl e a r l y te l l whi ch da ta be l on g be n e a th whi ch fi e l d. T he wa y to ca r r y thi s off i s wi th the Sheet tab in the
allpurpose Page Setup dialog box. Note that our SampleSalespersonReport illustrates this problem: Click
anywhere in that report and turn to the Print Preview (all you need do is click Ctrl-P), then click the
horizontal page-scroll arrow at the bottom of the screen to page 2. You’ll see (Figure 9-18):
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